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Let’s Tall Tea | Bruu Tea – Tea Subscription Box | Review

Hey there Teacups! I’m back today with another Let’s Talk Tea post and this time around I’m going to be reviewing Bruu Teas – Tea subscription box. The Tea at Bruu Tea very kindly sent me one of their boxes to try out recently and rather than split the posts up and review everything separately I thought I would cover it all in one post even though it might be a little bit longer than my normal post. Just so I can keep everything in one place and it’s easier for you all to find. The Tea Subscription Box I was sent contains 3 Teas/ Tisanes, 1 Small Discover Tea Sample, 1 Infuser and an added treat which changes with each box. I was so happy when Bruu Tea said they wanted to send me one of their boxes as I had been planning to purchase a subscription to them whenever I lifted my tea buying ban as I had been admiring their Instagram from a far for a long time.

Here’s what Bruu Tea themselves have to say about their tea subscription over on their website: ”Every month you will get a delivery of gourmet tea. In each box will be 3 different teas based on what you have told us you like. But our boxes are much more than just delicious tea. Each month we feature a tea plantation, so the box also includes a small sample from this grower and a little surprise that links into the region. You should get your tea at the beginning of each month.”

”If you are ordering outside of the UK your tea usually arrives before the 10th of each month. You will get around 30 cups of tea per box and potentially more, since many of our teas can be re-infused several times. Our clever tea engine tailors each of your boxes around your tea preferences (that you selected at the checkout). The clever engine also optimises your tailored box around seasonality and tea freshness, to guarantee the best cup!”




Tea Tasting Notes


RoundPhoto_Mar092020_114340Troopical Paradise | It’s not very often you come across a rooibos blend that is fruity normally it’s paired with spices or sweeter ingredients for dessert inspired blends so I was a little bit surprised after reading the name of this blend to open up the sachet and see that it was a rooibos based blend. I don’t really enjoy iced rooibos so when I did my tasting session with this blend I did only try it hot. It’s nice on it’s own but I do recommend adding in about half a teaspoon of honey it just seems to amplify the passionfruit notes and calms down how cough syrupy rooibos can taste when its prepared hot. This would probably take milk well but I can’t say I would enjoy as passionfruit latte so I wouldn’t suggest adding milk to this unless you think that would be something you would enjoy. This was nice but it wasn’t my favourite blend in the box as I only tend to reach for rooibos every now and then and prefer honeybush over it. It has a smooth mouthfeel would deffinelty make for a nice treat before bed as this has no caffeine in it. OTR: 4.6/5





RoundPhoto_Mar092020_114328Caribbean Kiss – Green & Black Tea | When I first read the name of this blend I thought this was going to yet another fruit blend that I was going to have to only be able have iced due to not being able to stomach hot fruity teas. But when I read the ingredients list and say this had peppercorns and orange in it I knew that even though it was fruity I was probably going to be able to enjoy this blend hot as well. So for this lasting session I tried this blend both hot and iced, its nice iced but surprisingly it’s delicious hot and the orange and the peppercorns really shine when you prepare it that way. The green and black tea base is smooth, slight malty and slight vegetal resulting in a smooth mouthfeel that made this tea such a pleasure to drink. Deffinelty sweet enough that it doesn’t need any added sweetener and deffinelty best without milk. I can see this being a really relaxing tea to drink towards the end of the day. In fact I may even have this as my last caffeinated tea of the day today though I do only have half a bag left. OTR: 5/5



RoundPhoto_Mar092020_114351Royal Star – Green Tea & Oolong | As I am sure you all know by now I’m a huge fan of oolong and green tea so when I saw that Bruu had included a blend in this box that contained a blend based with both I couldn’t have been more excited to try it. Before having this blend I can say I’ve ever had a blend that contains both of those teas as a base so I was eager to see what this blend had to offer and It’s safe to say I loved it. For the tasting session I did with this blend I had it both hot and Iced and honestly I love it both ways because the different preparations really do chance its flavour profile. The blackcurrant notes come through a lot more when its iced and the green tea is the stand out in terms of its base but it does have a slight floral note from the oolong as well. Hot its is smooth, slightly vegetal, slightly floral and has just a hit of creamy vanilla to it. When hot the blackcurrant note doesn’t come through much its and becomes a background note but I think I prefer it that way. It’s naturally sweet enough for me so I didn’t see the need to add in any sweetener and I deffinelty wouldn’t recommend adding in milk this just isn’t the tea for that. OTR: 5/5



RoundPhoto_Mar092020_114402Discover Tea – Luponde (Black Tea) | You all know just how much of a huge fan of black teas I am so when I discovered that the featured tea this month was a black tea from a region I had never tried tea from before I couldn’t have been more excited. It’s not very often I get to try a tea that’s brand new to me so I always appreciate it when companies and subscriptions put in the work to introduce me to new things. Seen as this was quite a small sample like all of the discover teas through Bruu are I decided to just have this hot for my tasting session and I’m glad I did because this tea is not one that would have translated well iced in my opinion. I tried this with and without honey and milk and I have to say I think I prefer this with the addition of a small amount of honey and some more. Don’t get me wrong it’s delicious on its own its malty and nutty but there was just a touch too much astringency to it on it’s own for me and the addition of milk and honey seemed to calm that down while the strong maltiness and the almost chestnut like nuttiness were still able to shine through. This is one I could see myself purchasing time and time again as it was a great way to start a morning. OTR: 4.95/5



This is 100% a subscription box I can see myself subscribing too in the future it’s one of the most well put together tea subscription boxes I have ever had the pleasure of trying. I love the addition of a free surprise gift each month and the discover tea it’s little touches like that, that really tie the whole box together. If you’re looking for a new subscription box to try out throughout 2020 I highly recommend giving this one a try.


Overall Teacup Rating (For The Box): 5/5


If you want to find out more about Bruu Tea and their subscription or purchase any of the teas mentioned in this post for yourself, you can do both here. As always if you have any questions either stick them in the comments or send them to me on Twitter/Instagram @teaisawishblog and I’ll do my best to answer them all as soon as possible.

Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley




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