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Tea Together Tuesday (2) | My Favourite Tea Company & The First Tea Of Theirs I Tried.

Hey there Teacups! Its time again for another Tea Together Tuesday post and this week the prompt that Jann & I chose was ”Your Favourite Tea company & The first tea or tisane you ever tried from them”. As you all know I feature teas on my blog from so many different companies and in doing so I have come to love so many different companies all for different reasons. So today prompt was honestly quite hard to answer for me and I went back and fourth between two particular companies. The two companies I was trying to pick between were T2 Tea & Adagio Tea and in the end I went with Adagio, because while I do love T2 Tea at the moment I am drawn towards Adagio a little bit more. Though that doesn’t mean I don’t love T2 Tea, as they were the company that helped me transition into loose leaf tea.

But my current favourite tea company is definitely Adagio because they are so incredibly creative with their blends, they offer so many different blends to choose from (though I wish the UK site had just as much choice as the US). I’ve tried quite a few of their blends in the last few years since I found out they had a UK website and they never fail to impress me. Have all the teas I have tried from them been perfect? No, they haven’t, but most of them have been and that is more than enough for me. Every tea company out there has blends that aren’t the best because nobody can be perfect.


As far as I can remember the very first blend I tried from Adagio was their Pumpkin Potion blend a bag of which I was very kindly gifted along with some other blends to review in 2019. I managed to review this one and one or two others from this particular package before the year of 2019 finished but the majority of them had to wait until the start of this year to be reviewed. Luckily the team at Adagio UK were incredibly understanding and were totally okay for me to just post those reviews whenever I was ready.

If you haven’t ready my original review of this blend you can find it here. When it came to trying this blend at first I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy it but I was completely wrong because I ended up loving this blend however I loved it for a completely different reason that I thought I would. The ingredients in this blend are as follows: black tea, cinnamon, natural pumpkin spice flavour, ginger, cloves, natural vanilla flavour, natural caramel flavour, marigold flowers, cardamom | The Adagio Teas that were used to make this blend are Vanilla (Black Tea), Caramel (Black Tea) and Pumpkin Spice (Black Tea) accented with apple pieces.


So I went into my initial tasting session with this expecting this to taste just like pumpkin spice an while it has hints of it, the caramel notes and the apple are the stand out notes of this blend making it tastes exactly like caramel apples and that it the reason that I ended up loving this blend. The spices are present but not overpowering and pair really well with the apple note that is a stand out overall. The use of both caramel and vanilla black tea is a genius idea because they really give the overall flavour profile a nice lift.

The apple also adds a delicious natural sweetness which means that you don’t need to add any kind of sweetener to this blend at all and that the ever so slight astringent note you normally get from a black tea doesn’t come through at all. While I enjoy this blend on it’s own my favourite way to have this is as a latte, because the creaminess added by the milk stops this blend from being drying. It softens the spices a little but I honestly prefer it.


I still love this blend just as much as I did the first time I tried it and I’m trying to make the bag of this I was sent last as long as possible, which I wouldn’t normally do but as I’m carrying on with my sip down and continuing with my tea buying ban, I know I won’t be able to have this for a while so i’m making sure I make it last as long as I can. This sometimes means hiding it from myself because once I start drinking it I want it every single day. When I first tried this I was a little bit disappointed when it came to the whole pumpkin spice element, but that fact that it didn’t have that introduced me to something new, a caramel apple tea blend and I love this blend for that reason.

If there is one thing I have learn over the years of doing this blog and enjoying tea is that sometimes some blends don’t always taste like they say they are going to but often times they can introduce you to something new that you haven’t seen a company do before so never write off a blend completely just because it doesn’t taste exactly like you thought it was going to.


I think Adagio will be my favourite company for a while going forward, however I do tend to go through phases with companies so who knows what could happen over the next few months. If you are able to try out any of Adagio’s Teas you should take a look at their website. But I can’t promise you that won’t end in a little bit of an addiction to their teas. (UK Site) (US Site) | If you’re also a fan of pure blended / unflavoured tea, Adagio also have their masters teas (some of which I’ll be reviewing soon) which you can find here (for the UK) and here (for the US)

Thank you all for joining in with #teatogethertuesday I’m so glad you are all enjoying it and getting involved. Both Tea With Jann and I love reading through and watching all of your answers to the weekly prompts. I’m looking forward to next weeks #teatogethertuesday already.

Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley

*Just to be completely transparent with you all the tea featured in this post was initial gifted to me to review for my lets talk tea series. However I was not asked to feature it in this post*

4 thoughts on “Tea Together Tuesday (2) | My Favourite Tea Company & The First Tea Of Theirs I Tried.”

  1. Adagio was one of the first companies I bought tea from besides the grocery store and I remember spending late nights on the computer looking at their website when I should have been writing papers in college!

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