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Tea Together Tuesday (4) | A Tea I Didn’t Like at First But Love Now

Hey there Teacups! It’s time again for another Tea Together Tuesday prompt and this time around the prompt is ”A Tea or Tisane that you didn’t like at first but love now”, and I found this really hard to answer; bear in mind that Jann & I have been planning Tea Together Tuesday since late March, early April so I’ve known about this prompt for a while now and have found it so hard to decide on a tea that fit with this prompt. When I do tasting sessions with teas I will often try them a few ways so I know what they have to offer and can provide a well rounded review, which normally means that by the end of that tasting session I have decided whether or not I like a tea and If I don’t like them after that I never go back to them, because life is too short to spend time drinking bad tea.

But last night I finally remembered about a tea I uninstinctively re-visited after not really loving it in the first tea tasting session I did as I was only able to try it hot because it was close to Christmas and I couldn’t do a long tasting session with this to try this multiple ways and when I tried it hot it was not very well balanced and the only thing I enjoyed about it was the black tea base. The tea in questions is Ocharaka: Cola Ginger Flavoured Black Tea. This was the only one of the teas I review from Yunomi for my Teamas series that I didn’t fully enjoy but after experimenting with it last month I found a way to prepare this which completely changed my opinion of it and in turn I have ended loving this tea because of what I can do with it now.RoundPhoto_Dec192019_210439

Like I said I didn’t enjoy this at all when I had it hot no matter how I steeped it, it just wouldn’t work for me. The black tea base was the best part but was not able to shine through because the ginger was just far too strong and off putting. So instead of preparing this hot I had it iced with a little bit of honey and oh my god was that the best decision I have ever made. It allows the Japanese black tea base to shine and the ginger and the lemon were much lighter than they were in the hot version. I tried this iced on its own and the ginger was still a little much for me so I suggest adding honey or some form of sweetener if you are going to have it iced. it taste much more cola like when it iced as well which is an absolute bonus for someone like me who can’t drink real coke.

I have also tried using this to make an iced latte and added cold frothed milk which worked quite well and surprisingly the lemon in it when it was iced didn’t cause the milk to split like I thought it would and as an iced latte it definitely has a coke float like flavour profile which makes it feel much more indulgent. I did try to make a hot latte with it but it was nowhere near as good as the iced one and not something I would recommend doing.

This tea has gone from a tea I didn’t enjoy at all the first time around aside from its base to a tea that I would say is probably the best black iced tea I have had so far in 2020 and the fact that it also works well as an iced latte just makes it even better. I never would have repurchased this because of my initial experience but now it is one I would consider purchasing time and time again for delicious iced tea during the hotter summer days. I wish that I had tried this iced sooner and I really regret not doing it for my initial tasting session. I’m excited to hopefully try some more Ocharaka Teas in the future to see if they will all be a versatile as this one has turned out to be.

So with this post May’s run of #teatogethertuesday comes to an end. I really hope you have all enjoyed joining in this month, I for one have had so much fun with it and I know Jann has as well. The great news I have for you all today is that we will be carrying on Tea Together Tuesday for the foreseeable future and for June, July and the start of August we already have prompts ready to go and they have come from the suggestions from other people in the tea community and I can’t wait to see everyone answer to all the prompts to come. If you have any suggestions for future prompts please do let us both know we would love to add them all to our lists and use them in the future. As always if you have any questions at all just leave them in the comments. If you want to try this tea for yourself you can find it here.


Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley


3 thoughts on “Tea Together Tuesday (4) | A Tea I Didn’t Like at First But Love Now”

  1. Yay! This is actually very interesting sounding. I would really like this I think. I enjoy cola sometimes but I don’t like how bubbly it is. I can’t believe May Tuesday’s are all done! Wow. That was so much fun though. 🥰

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    1. It’s really nice such a great replacement for coke iced! I miss being able to have it so much. I can’t believe Mays #teatogethertuesday have come to and end and everyone loved it so much. I’m so excited for all the Tea Together Tuesdays in June


  2. This reminded me of a tea from Lupicia Grapefruit Green that have to be cold brew. It have that beautiful grapefruit scent that I crave in a warm cup but it just will not work😅

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