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Tea Together Tuesday (6) | My Favourite Tea To Make Lattes With + Recipe

Hey there Teacups! It’s time for another Tea Together Tuesday post! Starting this series has really given me something too look forward to each Tuesday, I always look forward to reading through everyones posts and seeing how different everyones answers are to each prompt. If you’ve read my last Tea Together Tuesday post you’ll know that all the prompts for June & July have been provided / suggested by other members of the tea community over all different platforms and this weeks prompt was provided by @journalofcuriousthings over on Instagram.

The prompt she suggested was ”What is your favourite tea to make lattes with? Show us your method / recipe”, and as soon as I saw her suggestion I knew that we had to pick it out of everything that was suggested as you all know just how much I love to make lattes and experiment with different teas. Kirsty suggested this prompt as shes eager to get into making tea lattes but doesn’t know where to start. I was once in that exact same place and I would have loved to have so many posts all over the internet to learn from. So I’m hoping that all of your amazing Tea Together Tuesday post this week will help Kirsty out and give her that little push she needs to get into making lattes and experimenting with her teas.


As you can probably tell from the image above I went for Cardamom Masala Chai as my answer to this question (Which still counts as an answer to this question… I’m just not a huge lover of the term Chai Latte). It wasn’t an easy choice, and I went back and fourth between Cardamom Masala Chai and Matcha Lattes and it wasn’t until probably Sunday just gone that I finally decided upon stove top Cardamom Masala Chai as my answer to this question, as much as I love matcha, authentic stove top Cardamom Masala Chai is my absolute favourite and not something I can make myself every single day so when I am able to make it, it feel like a treat to me and I always look forward to it. Whereas Matcha Lattes are something I make everyday so have become less of a treat thing for me like Authentic Stove Top Masala Chai is.

Recently I was gifted a Cardamom Masala Chai at home Kit by the lovely team at Amala Chai which has made making Masala Chai on the stove top much more accessible for me to do and it following their recipe I was able to create one of the most delicious cups of Cardamom Masala Chai that I have ever had so I thought I’d share it with you all for this weeks Tea Together Tuesday so you can all experience it for yourself.

What You Will Need

– 1 Amala Cardamom Masala Chai Kit (Which Contains the Spice Mix and Black Tea you will need)

– Just over half a mug of Water

– Just Under half a mug of Milk or Milk Alternative (I used Soya Milk)

– 1 Tsp of Black Tea

– 1/2 a Tsp of Cardamom Masala Chai Mix (I used just over half a tsp as I like my chai with a good spicy kick)

– 1 Tsp of Sugar (I used 2 tsp of brown sugar as I find it gives a nice caramel undertone)




How To

1. Add everything into a pan and place on medium heat.


2. As the aromas start to fill the room, remember to keep stirring your chai.


3. Once your chai is boiling, simmer for 1-2 minutes.


4. Pour through a fine sieve and enjoy your chai experience at home.


It’s such a simple recipe but it really does result in such a delicious cup of Cardamom Masala Chai (one of the best I’ve ever had actually). I’ve tried many different recipes over time including ones I’ve learnt at masterclasses but this one beats them all and I think it’s down to the perfectly balanced blend of cardamom, nutmeg, black pepper, ginger powder, and cinnamon. It pairs beautifully with the strong CTC black tea and fights it’s ground against the milk; as you all know I love my Chai super spicy so that was a huge win for me. I think the addition of brown sugar and that additional caramel undertone really did tie everything together and works much better than just normal sugar.

If you are a huge lover of Chai like I am but you are yet to try a traditionally made Masala Chai like this one you really do need to give this kit a go, it will change your opinion on chai forever as Chai made like this is much better than drinking a ready made Chai blend where the spices and tea are mixed together and you just add milk in afterwards. I don’t look at normal Chai blends the same way another since the very first time I tried a stove top Chai. They are delicious in their own right and I do enjoy them  but nowhere near as good as Chai prepared traditionally. I could have gone for a more stereotypical latte as you all know I make a lot of them but stove top Chai just beats them all, I could have added frothed milk to top and make it look much more like a latte but I didn’t want to as it just didn’t feel right.




The Amala Chai Kit definitely gets a Overall Teacup Rating of 5/5 from me. It’s going to be something I purchase time and time again for as long as they continue to sell it. I can’t  thank them enough for making traditionally prepared Chai much quicker and accessible for me. I can’t wait to use the rest of the kit I have to make so many more delicious cup of Chai going forward. If you want to purchase one to try yourself you can find it here.

Let me know your answers to this weeks prompt in the comments and share link to any think you have created for Tea Together Tuesday so I can read / watch through them all. As always if you have any questions at all either stick them in the comments or send them to me on Twitter/Instagram @teaisawishblog and I’ll answer them all as soon as I can.



Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley




*The Tea featured in the post was gifted to me to review and I chose to use it for this weeks tea together Tuesday post. All opinions are my own and have not been paid for*

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