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Tea Together Tuesday (7) | Which Celebrity Would I Love To Have Tea With?

Hey there Teacups! It’s finally time for another Tea Together Tuesday post and this weeks prompt is another really fun one that was suggested by another member of the tea community Ginette @quiltingprincess over on Instagram. Here’s the prompt she suggested “Which celebrity would you love to share a cup of tea with?” Jann and I both thought this was such fun prompt that could help us get to know you all a bit more and learn about the things outside of tea that you love.

This was actually a pretty tricky question for me to answer and it took me a while to decide on who I would pick. In the end I finally managed to whittle my list down to two people but I couldn’t pick between them so I picked them both. The two celebrities I would pick to share tea with are Elvis Presley and Walt Disney. Those of you who know me well will know that Elvis is my favourite musician of all time and that I love Disney and everything Walt did so I’m sure that non of you will be too surprised by that fact that I could pick between them. But I do have some very specific reasons as to why I love to share tea with them.





So Why Would I Want To Have Tea With Walt? 


My reason for picking Walt as someone who I would love to share a cup of tea with is to thank him for Disney and never giving up on his dreams because most of my most treasured memories are to do with Disney and their films/TV shows and parks. My mum and I share a love of Disney and my fiance and I not only got engaged at Disney World but will also be getting married close by next year and non of that would have been possible if Walt didn’t start Disney and strive to create Disneyland/Disney World. I would love to talk to him over multiple cups of tea and tell him what Disney has become during the years since his passing because I think he would be really proud of how much more magic there is in the world now and that people all around the globe are inspired by him daily to never give up on their dreams. As for the tea we would drink it would definitely be Grand Yunnan from T2.



I don’t think Walt would have been an flavoured tea/blended tea lover and definitely seems to be the type of person that would enjoy tea at its finest without all the added bells and whistles. Grand Yunnan is a delicious black tea with a multitude of layers within its flavour profile. I think Walt would enjoy how simple yet complex it is and the fact that it shines on its own without having to have anything added to it. I could drink this for hours on end and just listen to his stories and find out what his opinions on the current state of Disney parks would be. I would really be interested to see if he liked what his vision of Epcot became but I won’t get into talking about that or I’ll be here for hours.






So Why Would I Want To Have Tea With Elvis?

RoundPhoto_Jun162020_105942The reason I would love to have tea with Elvis is quite simple.. he is my number 1 music artist of all time. My grandma loves Elvis and over the years I’ve listened to his music and watched his films quite a bit so it was only inevitable that I would end up carrying a love for him and his music/movies into my adult life. I feel like it would be great to talk to him about his career and the inspirations for his songs. Some of his favourite foods were pretty crazy combos so I would use them as inspirations for afternoon tea snacks and something tells me having/planning an afternoon tea to be enjoyed inside Graceland would be a completely unforgettable experience. In terms of the tea I would serve It would have to be T2’s Blue Sage Shoes. With a name as perfect as that for this particular situation how could I not pick it. It’s also quite unique when it comes to flavours so I think Elvis would appreciate that.

RoundPhoto_Jun162020_105117It would be served sweetened and iced as that is in my opinion the best way to have it and if this imaginary afternoon tea was going to take place in Graceland and iced tea would definitely be needed to combat the heat. I think it would be really interesting to hear stories about his life from the sets of the movies he stared in and which of his own songs is his personal favourite. I think I made answering this prompt a lot harder for myself by picking two people who have passed but I don’t really keep up with/relate too much to modern day celebrities and to be honest I couldn’t even begin to understand who is classed as a celebrity in this current age because the lines are so blurred. So I went with two of my all time favourite celebrities from a time when everything was a little easier to understand and the lines that enclosed celebrity culture were much more refined.



So there you have it! those are my two answers for this weeks #testogethertuesday! Let me know which celebrities you would love to have tea with and what tea you would serve in the comments! If you have any questions at all either send them to me on Twitter/Instagram @teaisawishblog or leave them in the comments I’ll do my best to answer them all as soon as I can.

Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley


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