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Tea Together Tuesday (8) | 3 Tips I Would Give To A New Tea Drinker

Hey there Teacups! Its finally time for another Tea Together Tuesday post! I honestly get so much enjoyment out of writing these post and I look forward to each and every Tuesday rolling around now so that I can interact with the whole tea community and see how differently we all answer each week’s question. I’m so glad Jann and I chose to start doing this because it’s put such a huge smile on my face each Tuesday which has definitely been needed with the world being the way it is right now.

This weeks prompt is: What are three tips you would give to a new tea drinker? It was suggested to use by another member of the tea community Lauren @teaisfortravel over on Instagram. When I saw this prompt suggested, I knew it was one we had to pick because if there was one thing I wish I had when I myself was new tea it would be tips and information. I couldn’t find stuff like that on the internet when I first properly got into tea and it definitely would have helped me from making some of the mistakes that I did back then. So I’m really hoping that everyones post for this weeks Tea Together Tuesday will help so many people who come to tea over the next few years.





3 Tip I Would Give To A New Tea Drinker


1)  For my first tip I’ve combined two into one because they (kind of) fit together. Part 1:  Make drinking tea something you are enjoying. There are endless options for you out there but start with teas that are the easiest to brew. Blends and flavoured teas tend to lend themselves to being brewed western style so they are often the best ones to start with because you will need minimal equipment to prepare them, all you will need is your favourite mug and a basket infuser.

After you know you enjoy doing that then move into trying the more expensive non blended/flavoured teas. That is the best time to invest in the better quality equipment like a gaiwan and things you can use to experiment with different kinds of brewing and learn more about the world of tea. Part 2: MATCHA! Don’t buy a matcha bowl and a matcha whisk and all the equipment everyone tells you that you will need until you know you enjoy matcha. Matcha bowls and whisks can be incredibly expensive so experiment with non flavoured and flavoured matchas making sure you enjoy the tea,then invest in it all and learn more about it all from there. 

I chose to include this picture as it is a picture from one of the very first tea tasting sessions I did. I started with teabags and have come a long way since.


2) Invest in a water filter jug. I wish I had done this right at the start of my tea journey because it makes such a huge difference to the way that tea tastes. I didn’t invest in one until around a year and a half ago and I wish I had done it sooner because they are relativity inexpensive and filtered water is so much better for tea. It enables you to taste it for what it truly is and I’ve even gone back to teas I didn’t enjoy the first time, tried them with filtered water and loved them because I wasn’t using tap water which is full of thing that really do effect the way your tea tastes. The jug I have is a 1.2L Brita jug and I think when I bought it it was around £20 and that is so worth it in my opinion because it really well show you just how amazing tea is when there is nothing in your water to affect it. You do need to buy filters regularly, but often if you buy a branded jug like a Brita one, you can find unbranded filters cheaper online that will fit perfectly. RoundPhoto_Jun232020_194057

3) Don’t judge a tea, a blend/flavoured tea or a tisane just by the way it smells. It is very rare that you will find a tea that tastes exactly the way it smells. I made this mistake in the past towards the start of my tea journey and I would often not buy or try tea, blends/flavoured teas or tisanes if I didn’t initially like the way that they smelt. I’ve then gone on to try quite a few of said teas through tea swaps with friends and ended up loving them, only to be disappointed by the fact that they were no longer available for me to buy.

So learn from my mistakes and take chances on teas even if you don’t initially like the way that they smell because it’s very likely they they will end up tasting nothing like the smell and you’ll probably end up really enjoying them. Being a new tea drinker starts with a lot of experimenting to find the right teas for you and I can tell you that I am countless years into my tea journey now and that experimentation never stops and that ones of the things that makes tea so interesting and exciting. RoundPhoto_Jun232020_194108


So there you have it! Those are to me the most important tips I would give to a new tea drinker. Like I said earlier in this post I’m really hoping that these tips will help someone in the future who is just starting their tea journey. I’m looking forward to reading/watching everyones posts and seeing what different advice everyone is giving.

Again thank you all so much for continuing to join in with Tea Together Tuesday each and every week! We can’t wait to continue it further into the year. If you have any questions at all either stick them in the comments or send them to me over on Twitter/Instagram @teaisawishblog and I’ll do my best to answer them all as soon as I can.



Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley


4 thoughts on “Tea Together Tuesday (8) | 3 Tips I Would Give To A New Tea Drinker”

  1. Ooooh you make me want to try filtered water! I find our tap water is amazing, but I know it would really depend on the quality (our town has won water awards, bizarre I know, but true haha). However I’m still curious. Thanks so much for sharing 🙌🥰

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