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Tea Together Tuesday (9) | The Tea That Started Your Tea Journey

Hey there Teacups! It’s time again for Tea Together Tuesday and this weeks prompt provided to Jann & I by @canadianteaandsubboxaddict over on Instagram!

The prompt for this week is: The Tea That Got You Started On Your Tea Journey. When Jann and I saw this prompt suggestion we had make sure it was one we featured this month. I always enjoy hearing about how tea people started their tea journey and where their love of tea comes from. I’ve been so excited for this week to roll around so I could find out more about all the great people that take part in Tea Together Tuesday each week.


So, where did my tea journey start? I’ve been thinking about how to answer this since we chose this prompt and I could only fit what I wanted to say into two answers to this prompt. One for tea in general (mostly bagged) and one specifically for loose leaf tea because for me one kicked started my love but another started my journey so I feel like I needed to talk through them both in this weeks post.




My First Tea 

My first ever tea I had in my life was definitely some form of bagged black tea with lots of milk in a bottle probably at the age of around two. Of course I don’t remember that myself but having asked my mum earlier today she said that is what she remembers. The first cup I remember drinking not in a bottle but in a mug was around the age of 6/7. Up until then of course because I was a young child drinking it from a bottle it was more on the milk and sugar side than the tea side and not fully steeped but as the years went on I got to that full steeped cup and even back then I remember loving it and until my teen years that is all the tea I would drink. It was what I knew and loved and I had never even thought of expending further than that into loose leaf and even other flavoured bagged teas.

Through my teen years I branched out into the world of bagged affordable tea to see what it had to offer and I loved it. It was so fun to experiment and more than anything I had no idea just how much the tea world actually had to offer and I learnt so much in such a short span of time. Then I started to learn about loose leaf, and its safe to say I never looked back once I went down that rabbit hole. Though, I still do love a large cup of bagged black tea when I need to feel at home and I need to be cosy and relax, it’s not the best tea but it’s still tea and there will never be a time where I turn down a Classic Cuppa!






My First Loose Leaf Tea

Believe it or not my first ever loose leaf tea was a gift from my fiance! When I lived in Manchester and he lived here in Yorkshire we would travel back and forth to each other each weekend and here in Yorkshire at a shopping centre called Meadowhall there is a T2 Store, the first T2 store I ever visited when I was here for a weekend. We looked around smelt everything tasted some of their counter teas (which were of course delicious) and from there I was hooked. That year for the first of my birthdays my fiance and I spent together (in 2014) he gifted me two teas from T2 Tea. Their Creme Brulee black tea and their Caramel Brownie Tea. I tried the Creme Brulee tea first and instantly loved it and I consider myself to luckily to have had my first ever loose leaf tea be such great one. 

Those two first loose leaf teas were the teas that started my loose leaf teas and in turn inspired me to delve further into the world of loose leaf tea and go on to start my blog. So I have an awful lot to thank my fiance and T2 Tea for because without them I’m not sure this blog would actually exists and I wouldn’t have had the amazing experiences and opportunities that have come my way over the last few years. Their Creme Brulee tea still continues to be one of my favourite teas because it’s got a delicious black tea base with vanilla, caramel and smooth hazelnut notes it’s such a fantastic dessert teas and it’s very clear to me to see why I have gone on to love dessert teas so much over tea years. My love of them started with this and I honestly don’t want there to ever be a time when this tea isn’t in my tea cupboard. So please T2 If you are reading this (I wish) please never ever discontinue this blend. RoundPhoto_Jun302020_152045

My favourite way to have this blend is as a latte with a little bit of honey and some frothed hot milk. The additional sweetness and creaminess provided by the honey and the milk really tie everything together and really makes it feel like you are eating a freshly made creme brulee. I’ve got one box of this left that I opened today and as soon as I run out of it which will probably be very soon, despite my tea buying ban I’ll be ordering more of this for sure because I want to have it to reach for in my collection all the time. It’s just such a comforting blend that makes for a great sweet treat. 




I hope you’ll all enjoyed learning a little bit more about me and where my love of tea comes from today. I can’t wait to read through all of your stories this has been one of my favourite Tea Together Tuesday prompts yet. Let me know what the first tea you ever tried was in the comments and as always if you have any questions you know where to put/send them. I’ll do my best to answer them all as soon as I can. 

Speak to you all again soon – Kimberley 


4 thoughts on “Tea Together Tuesday (9) | The Tea That Started Your Tea Journey”

  1. I think perhaps it wasn’t really a tea that started me on my journey but rather a tea kettle. I asked for a stovetop kettle for Christmas when I was in college (despite being a massive coffee drinker at that time). Once I received the shiny, red kettle and a box of grocery store fruit tisanes though, my tea journey began. It’s been fun so far!

    Also, the creme brulee from T2 is so yummy!

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