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Tea Together Tuesday (12) | A Tea That Transports You To A Specific Moment In Time

Hey there Teacups! It’s time again for another Tea Together Tuesday! can you believe this is our twelfth one? I doesn’t feel like its been twelve weeks since we started doing Tea Together Tuesday, its gone by so fast but each week that passes I look forward to answering yet another prompt and seeing all of your answers in the form of blog posts, YouTube videos, Instagram posts/stories and more. Jann and I always have so much fun interacting with you all and it’s great to learn just a little bit more about you all each Tuesday that passes. We’re going to do out best to keep this going for as long as possible going forward into the coming months, we would love to get you all involved again in terms of prompts as well so keep an eye on our Instagram stories as that is normally where we ask for suggestions.


This weeks Tea Together Tuesday prompt is: ”A tea that transports you to a specific moment in time” which was suggested to us by Brianna (@Briannadrinkstea) over on Instagram. This to me seemed like a really interesting prompt so Jann and I knew we had to use it for a Tea Together Tuesday as soon as we saw it had been suggested. I for one figured it would be a great way for people to tell the stories behind some of their favourite blends and we could all find out a bit more about each other and why we love the teas we love. I try too many teas to be able to have a memory tied to each one but I definitely have some teas that are special to me and I remember the first time I tried them all. So I did find it quite hard to just pick one but I got there in the end. The tea I ended up going with is Fortnum & Masons – Royal Blend.


This is a simple but delicious tea and I love it. It’s a blend of Flowery Pekoe from Ceylon and Assam. Like I said it’s simple but it works and I remember very clearly the first time I tried this. It was gifted to me along with another one of their teas (Countess Grey) by my amazing fiance for my birthday in 2018 and I broke it open on the day and had my first cup. The first time I tried it I had it on it’s own and I enjoyed it so much that I made another cup just so I could try it with milk and honey added and see what it was like and since then it’s been a strong favourite of mine. Every time I drink it I always go back to the very first time I tried it and it’s like I’m trying it for the first time again. It’s a very traditional cup of tea but the addition of the Ceylon really uplifts the Assam giving this much more depth than your standard stand alone Assam blend.

It steeps up a beautiful golden red colour and when I saw that colour for the first time I thought there was no way I was going to be enjoy this tea on it’s own and that it was going to be too astringent but I was so wrong. On it’s own it’s rich, malty, full bodied and the perfect tea to have with breakfast. It has a delicious smooth honey note to it that is too die for as well. The best thing about this blend is that all of it’s best notes are prominent enough that they stand their ground even with the addition of milk and honey.


The addition of the honey amplifies the natural smooth honey flavour and the addition of milk gives it a nice creamy mouthfeel and does stop it from being drying in the throat which makes this blend even better in my opinion. It’s the perfect accompaniment to any breakfast foods but if you’re having a sweeter breakfast than usual I would recommend having this on it’s own without the addition of milk and honey.

Each time I drink this I’m also reminded of just how thoughtful my fiance is. He always manages to find the perfect presents for me and puts so much thought into each one. I had never actually tried or even looked into Fortnum & Mason teas until he gifted me these teas are now so special to me because they remind me of him. I’m sorry for being so soppy I’m just so incredibly thankful to have him in my life and the fact that there has been countless times throughout my tea journey where he has managed to introduce me to companies I probably wouldn’t have known about otherwise. I’ve had the two teas he bought me in my tea cupboard since my birthday in 2018 and because they are so special to me I now only ever bring them out on special occasions because I never want there to be a time when they aren’t in my collection.

You all know that I don’t like to hoard teas and that I always tell you all that it’s important to enjoy teas while they are at their best but these teas are different and I’ve made a point of trying to make them last as long as possible. The reason I bring the teas out of the cupboard now only on special occasions is because I am now not only taken back to the day I tried them for the first time but each and every special occasion I have taken them out of the cupboard for and I want to tie as many memories as I possibly can to these teas so these are my only exception when it comes to the ”don’t hoard teas, enjoy them at their best rule” and there will never be other teas in my collection that are as important to me as these teas are.

Let me know what you’re answer to this weeks prompt would be in the comments and if you’ve already done any kind of post for this weeks Tea Together Tuesday be sure to either leave the link in the comments or send it to me on Twitter/Instagram @teaisawishblog and I’ll make sure I read/watch through them all and save them to My Tea Together Tuesday Instagram highlight.

Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley

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