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Tea Together Tuesday (14) | Mug Shots! My Favourite Mug & The Tea I Love To Sip From It!

Hey there Teacups! Happy Tea Together Tuesday! This week’s prompt is “Mug Shots! Your Favourite Mug and The Tea You Love To Sip From It.” This was suggested to Jann and I over on Instagram by the lovely Lauren @teaisfortravel. I think being a tea lover and having a large teaware collection definitely comes hand in hand and when I comes to teaware I have a somewhat varied collection (though I am trying to narrow down what I want to collect going forward) and I’m always excited to see what other tea lovers collections are like so I’m really glad that Lauren suggested this prompt so I could see what everyone else collects and how they organise/display their mugs/teacups and other teaware.RoundPhoto_Aug042020_201623

My favourite mugs tend to swap and change a lot and seen as I only have way under half of my mug collection with me at the moment (the rest of it is at my mums house until we have more space) I couldn’t pick from my whole collection so I decided to pick from just what I have here with me. Out of the bits of my mug collection I have here my favourite is actually my newest one which was very kindly gifted to me by my amazing fiancé and is part of the Minnie Mouse Main Attraction collections Disney are realising each month this year. Each month a plush, pin set, ear headband and mug are released and they are all themed after classic Disney attractions.

My mug is from the March release that was themed around The Mad Tea Party (Spinning Teacups) ride which is of course one of my favourites and so very aesthetically pleasing. It’s also arguably one of Disney’s most iconic ride that is used in pretty much every bit of advertising. Out of all the collections being released throughout this year this was arguably the most me of them all (aside from the haunted mansion one). I’m incredibly thankful that my fiancé very kindly gifted me this beautiful mug and it really is something I am going to treasure forever.

I love the attention to detail on this mug and I think Disney did an absolutely fantastic job putting this particular collection together. I love that design elements from the teacups in the parts down specific patterns in the main background and and that the colour scheme takes colours from almost all of the teacups currently in the parks. They tied Minnie Mouse’s style and the teacups perfectly! You can’t see it very well on the pictures I’ve taken but almost all of the blue elements are iridescent and I feel like that little touch really adds that Disney magic and ties it all together perfectly, although it’s not something they needed to add but the fact that they did makes it even more special. This mug is currently my favourite because it ties the things I love together Tea, Disney & Disney Parks and Attractions and the fact that it was a gifts from my fiance means it hold so much meaning for me.


I don’t necessarily have specific cups for different types of tea but one of my all time favourite teas is Adagio’s Thai Chai and that was the very first tea I had in this cup. I don’t tend to use it too often because I’m so worried about breaking it so I only bring this out when I’m missing being at Walt Disney World and I need a little bit of Disney Magic in my day. This is the perfect mug to drink any kind of tea out of snuggled up on the couch watching through all of the amazing shows and films over on Disney plus. It’s not a huge mug but it holds enough and would be perfect for both iced and hot tea. I love Thai Chai prepared both ways so that’s why it’s the perfect tea to sip out of this mug. We’re not visiting Walt Disney World until the September 2021 and with everything currently going on in the world I can see myself needing to bring this mug out for a bit of Disney magic so many times before then.


Each time I do bring this mug out as long as I have Thai Chai in the house that’s probably what I will reach for to drink from it. I think the pairing of the coconut and lemon especially iced just makes me think of sunny Florida and they do give this tea such a tropical feel and I imagine it would pair perfectly with dole whip. Despite this blend having spices in it they are both the stand out flavours and that is what I love about this tea. It has a black tea base that is present but doesn’t overpower the lemon or the coconut like other blends I’ve had that contain both of those ingredients and and again the spices are present but take more of a backseat especially when milk is added but for me it just works and I love the balance that it has. I enjoy it prepared both hot and iced (with milk & a little honey) but I do prefer it iced overall. 

If you are yet to try this blend or any teas from Adagio I highly recommend adding a sample to your next or first order barbecue it’s one of their best blends in my opinion and I’m very glad I have an 85g bag in my collection though I’m sure that probably won’t last me too long.



Sadly you can’t buy this mug anymore but if you want to find out more about Adagio and try this tea out for yourself you can do both here. As always if you have any questions at all either stick them in the comments or send them to me on Twitter/Instagram @teaisawishblog and I’ll do my best to answer them all as soon as possible.

Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley 




*The tea featured in the post was purchased using a gift card that was gifted to me By Adagio Tea. I was not asked to review it or to feature it in this post. All opinions are my own and have not been paid for*

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    1. I’ll have to do a post about all of my Disney mugs one day! I might do one after the next time I visit because I know I’ll end up getting more while i’m there. Love having ride traditions and just being in the magic. Missing it a lot right now we haven’t been since 2017

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