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Tea Together Tuesday (16) | Creating My Ultimate Tea Blend Using Only 5 Ingredients!

Hey there Teacups! Happy Tea Together Tuesday! Can you believe this is our 16th one… They really have gone by so fast haven’t they? We are going to try and carry this on for as long as you all want us to continue doing it so let me know you opinions on Tea Together Tuesday going forward in the comments.

This week’s prompt “If you had 5 Ingredients to design the most ultimate tea blend what would they be?” was suggested to us of on Instagram by the lovely Tanisha from @chai_struck over on insta. I personally love experimenting when it comes to tea blending so to see a prompt like this suggested made me so happy and Jann and I were eager to have it featured for Tea Together Tuesday as soon as we could. Since we decided on when we wanted to have this prompt feature I’ve been thinking about my ultimate tea blend and I went through multiple lists trying to put perfect combos together but I finally managed to whittle it down to one blend with exactly five ingredients. I think this is definitely the first time since early Tea Together Tuesday posts that I’ve actually be able to pick just one thing, maybe I’ll be able to be a bit more decisive going forward.

For the base and first ingredient of the blend I chose a cream flavoured black tea I’ve really enjoyed one I’ve been drinking recently and what better to start off a dream blend with than I tea I know I already love on it’s own. The one I chose is a Ceylon with prominent but not artificial sweet whipped cream notes and I thought it would be perfect to use as the base for this blend as I love dessert blend that have a black tea base and I wanted to create a personalised one for myself. Once I decided on this, picking all of my other elements for this blend was pretty easy as I’ve had a dream dessert blend in mind for quite a while now. I wanted to talk about it a while ago but just never got round to it so this prompt really did come at a perfect.

Like I said once I had picked my base for this blend picking everything else was pretty easy, I knew I wanted a chocolate element as I’ve been enjoying the few chocolate teas I’ve had this year. I’ve found that my favourite chocolate blends tend to have a mix of both actual chocolate chips and cacao, so I chose them for my next two ingredients. There is nothing worse than a weak chocolate taste so I chose to double up to make sure that was a prominent element of this blend and there was now way it was going to taste like a naff watery hot chocolate. I think the creaminess of the milk chocolate chips and the cream flavour in the base tea pair together perfectly.

For my fourth ingredient I went for a nutty element and this is the one element I had a hard time with deciding on and right down to the last minute I was stuck between to but in the end I decided to go for pistachios. Pistachios are one of my favourite nuts and you hardly ever see them in any blends so I needed to give them a chance to shine and they worked perfectly. They’re nutty enough that they don’t overpower everything else and they also add a slight earthiness and another layer of subtle sweetness that is smooth like the kind of sweetness you would find in a pastry. My main aim with this blend was to make it naturally sweet enough that I only needed to either add no honey at all or a half a teaspoon of honey at most and I think I managed to make that happen.

For my fifth and final ingredient I went for a spice and chose cardamom. The reason I chose cardamom is because it’s one of my favourite things to pair with milk chocolate and I knew that it also pairs nicely with pistachio so the choice was made for me really by the other ingredients I had already chosen. Luckily it was the perfect way to finish off this blend and really balanced out everything making sure this blend wasn’t overly sweet. I ended up trying the batch of this blend that I put together for this post hot (on it’s own), hot with just honey added and then hot with both milk and honey added. Personally my favourite was the cup with just honey added but I also enjoyed it with milk added too as the milk does a great job of amplifying those creamy notes even further. After making it for this post and enjoying it so much this is deffinelty something I’ll be blending again as it really is the perfect blend for me in every aspect.

So there you have that that would be my ultimate blend that uses only 5 ingredients! I really enjoyed the creative process behind this and putting this blend together was not only fun for me but also reminded me of just how much I love experimenting with tea and creating new blends and flavour combinations that result is delicious cups. It doesn’t work every single time but most of the time the work pays off and I end up finding something new that I love that I wouldn’t have tried had I not experimented so taking a chance pays off in every way shape and form.

As always if you have any questions at all either stick them in the comments or send them to me on Twitter/Instagram @teaisawishblog and I’ll answer them all as soon as I can. Be sure to leave and links to videos or posts you’ve done for Tea Together Tuesday this week and to let me know what you ultimate blend would be.

Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley

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