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Tea Together Tuesday (17) | An iced tea I’ve been soaking up the sun with

Hey there Teacup! It’s Tea Together Tuesday again and this weeks prompt ”An Iced Tea or Tisane you are soaking up the sun with this year” was provided to us by Tori (@siply_tealicious over on Instagram) and up until today I felt like this was a perfectly timed prompt as we have had lots of warm sunny days here in the UK until this week started and we have had nothing but gloomy grey skies and rain. Luckily I managed to take my pictures for this post and plan it when it was still sunny so I didn’t have to take them today outside in the rain. I drink tea iced all year round but I think I probably drink double my usual amount when it’s sunny outside so for me this prompt was a really easy one to answer and I had lots of teas and tisanes I’ve iced over the last few weeks to pick from.

However while I have cold brewed and iced a lot of tisanes throughout the last few weeks there is one thing I have really enjoyed the most this summer and this is Earl Grey Lemonade. I enjoy drinking this and making it myself but I will only ever had it when it is sunny outside for one specific reason… because it reminds me of being in Florida and for that I need the sunshine or it’s just and incomplete experience. I actually spoke about this drink in my favourite ways to jazz up iced and tea and told you all the story behind why this is one of my favourite drinks (you can find out why here) and I also promised you all I would share the recipe so I thought I’d take todays post to share it with you so you can try this for yourselves next time the sun decided to appear from behind the dark clouds.

What You Will Need

3 – 4 Lemons | Depending on how lemony you like your lemonade. I use 3 but I know some of you will probably want it stronger.

3-4 Birchall Earl Grey Teabags| You can use any but the Birchall Earl Grey is really well balanced and I find it’s strong enough that it stands up well to the lemon and the sugar. Again you can use more or less teabags but I find 4 is good enough for me. The Birchall teabags also contain great quality tea which helps when it comes to making this as delicious as possible. I steep them in 2 cups of water for 4-5 mins. You can use loose leaf but teabags just make the process quicker.

1/2 cup of sugar | I experimented with different amounts of sugar and I find half a cup to be more than enough for me. It probably sounds like a lot but when you pour this over ice it’s nowhere near as sweet as you think it would be.

3 1/2 – 4 cups of water | I make this in my 1.2L T2 Jug and sometimes it can only fit three and half cups in when I add everything else first but its still works. The ice you pour it over will water it down as it melts anyway so don’t worry if you cant fit 4 into whatever you are making it in.

Ice Cubes | I use 12 decently sized ones as that fills my 14oz tumbler perfectly.

How To

Step 1) Juice your lemons into your jug. Be sure to catch the pips as you don’t want them slipping in. Personally I like the pulp in my lemonade but if you prefer not to have it I suggest using a sieve.

Step 2) Take your teabags or loose leaf tea and steep them/it in 2 cups of water. I normally steep my Birchall bags for 4-5mins. Once it is done steeping add in half a cup of sugar (the finer the better) and stir until dissolved. Leave it to cool for a few minutes then add it to your jug that has the lemon in it.

Step 3) Then take 3-4 cups of cold water and fill the rest of your jug with it. After you have added everything to the jug be sure to stir for a minute or two to make sure everything is fully and evenly combined. Then leave in the fridge to cool. You could just pour it over ice when you are done but I find it works better over iced when it has been chilled for a little bit.

Step 4) Pour over a tumbler full of ice and enjoy to your hearts content. Preferably on a hot sunny day.

Such a simple yet delicious recipe! I love this so much as lemonade really isn’t a thing here in the UK and I miss the Earl Grey I had when I visited Orlando or the first time in 2017. Having this little piece of Orlando at home especially with the way the world is now just makes me feel happy. I don’t think it would quite have the same effect as delicious as it is if I were drinking it on a grey and gloomy day. I only ever buy the extra ingredient I need for this when it sunny so it was the perfect choice for me when it came to answering this weeks prompt.

2020 has been a really hard year and little things that remind me of happier times are pivotal to me keeping my spirits up and remind me that there will be better times once this has all passed. If you’ve posted at all for this weeks Tea Together Tuesday remember to leave your links in the comments or I can read through/ watch them all.

Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley

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