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Tea Together Tuesday (21) | Music & Tea – The Perfect Pairing

Hey there Teacups! It’s time for another Tea Together Tuesday and this week’s prompt “What is your favourite music to listen to during tea time” was suggested to Jann and I by @madhatterteadrunk over on Instagram. This prompt was actually suggested to Jann last time we ask for prompt suggestions from you all and I’m so glad that Jann picked this one out of the ones she was sent because I love music and have done for god knows how long, I even almost went to a music college many moons ago and was really set on trying to make a career out of it all. Instead I went on to study photography and I think that was definitely the best choice but listening to music is still one of my favourite hobbies and I love finding teas to match specific the feeling of specific songs and genres it really adds an extra level of immersion into my tea tasting sessions.

When it comes to music because I have loved it and explored it throughout out many years I have such a varied taste in music. Some specific bands, songs and artist have stuck with me and are still favourites to this day and other I have enjoyed over time but have just lost interest in. It was definitely a hard task for me to pick just one thing to answer this prompt with so instead I’m just going to talk through the things I listen to the most during my tea tasting sessions and which teas I think match them perfectly.

First up is Pop Punk / Alt Rock. I’ve loved these genres of music for a long, long time and a lot of the bands that lead me to enjoy these genres further are still some of my at time favourite bands. This is the genre of music I tend to listen to the most because it just (bar the few sad songs) makes me feel happy and always puts a huge smile on my face. You can pretty much find a song to match every tea within this genre but I find generally when I play pop punk/alt rock during my tea tasting sessions it seems to most be when I am tasting flavoured teas.

I don’t know why but the genre just seems to match flavoured teas rather than straight teas. Probably because when I’m doing gaiwan and matcha sessions and I’m looking for peace and tranquillity to help me focus on the tea I’m looking for softer, mellower music that won’t distract me too much from the tea overall. In particular Fall Out Boy are probably my favourite band within this genre and they have been since the first time I listened to them. Their music and their songs are quite varied in terms of subject matter, mood and feeling so I’m able to find one of their songs that seems to match whatever tea I’m drinking that day. Though mostly I would say I lean more towards dessert black teas, chai and oolong based blend. Those teas and this band provide me with happiness, comfort, nostalgia and fun so they go perfectly together.

The next group of bands and artists is a rather varied group but I wanted to find a way to try and cover the things I listen to the most without going to in depth into every single genre because id be here rambling for hours and neither you nor I want that. So let’s take a little took at the other areas of music I love.

She & Him: Indie-Folk / Alternative Country / Easy Listening Duo Ft Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward | All of their music is so relaxing and mellow and I love them for that. I find I lean towards playing their music the most when I’m doing matcha tasting sessions and pure tea tasting sessions with my gaiwan. They help me relax and in turn focus and make the most of the tea that I’m drinking because they don’t distract me from it to much.

The Doors: Psychedelic Rock / Blues Rock / Acid Rock band that I know I don’t need to spend too much time explaining to you all because I’m sure you all already know who they are in some way shape or form. People are always somewhat shocked when I tell them I love The Doors and their music but I have my amazing mother the blame for my very varied taste in music because she is exactly the same. In terms of tea for some reason I tend to listen toward hojicha (specifically dark roast hojicha) when I listen to the Doors. I’m not sure why to be honest but there’s just something about each of them that makes them work so well together. I don’t personally drink pu’erh but something tells me it would pair quite well with The Doors too.

Elvis Presley: Rockabilly / Rock and roll / Blues / Country. I know for certain that I don’t need to spend too much time explaining who Elvis is to you all. If you’ve read any of my past Tea Together Tuesday post you’ll know Elvis is one of my favourite solo artists of all time and I have my grandma to thank for that. I’ve been exposed to him and his music since a very young age and I’m so thankful for that, because I’ve grown up to love it and I don’t think there’s a week that has gone by in my adult life when I haven’t played his music at one point or another, and I even have an Elvis Tattoo. Because I have such fond memories tied to his music I tend to reach for it whenever I am having just a classic English Breakfast with milk and honey or just a non flavoured pure black tea general. It’s nothing fancy I know but its something I also have nostalgic memories tied to as it’s what I started my tea journey with.

KISS: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / Shock Rock / Glam Metal band both my fiancé and I share a love for KISS and have done for a while now. For me their music is so much fun to listen to, sing along to and it just helps to distract me from so many real life’s problems and stresses. Their such an out-there (especially their 80’s stuff) crazy, fun loving care free band and in terms of tea I had to spend a bit of time decide what kind of teas go well with their music and had to ask my fiancé what he thought and we both ended up deciding that their music would pair well with teas / blends that are a little bit wacky and combine flavours that you wouldn’t expect to work well together but they end up working perfect. Black tea with something punchy like passionfruit I think would be a good fit as well.

Last we have what I will say is a bit more of an honourable mention as its not a specific band or artist but rather a genre. Hair Metal / Glam metal especially a lot of the 80’s stuff Like Mötley Crüe, Poison, Ratt, Bon Jovi, W.A.S.P, Warrant and Def Leppard. Again another genre my fiancé and I share a love for. Another genre that is just fun and you can’t help but sing along to. We listen to this genre quite a bit and really I don’t tie to to any particular tea because I just casually drink tea while I listen to it and I can’t really think of own specific tea or kind or tea based blend that fits with it. Though as this genre does encompass KISS I suppose the choice would be the similar.

Those are my choices a tea for every genre I love. You now know a little bit about me and just how varied my taste in music is. I look forward to read and watching your posts and videos for this weeks Tea Together Tuesday and finding out what kind of music you all love.

Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley

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