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Tea Together Tuesday (24) | What is the perfect blend for Autumn?

Hey there Teacups! Time has come again for another Tea Together Tuesday post. My apologies for the lack of long form blog posts for the last two Tea Together Tuesday post, I did answer the prompts but I did so over on Instagram as my last few Tuesdays have been clouded by migraines which have stopped me from being able to work on my laptop and put as much time as I would like into these posts.

Going forward I think I’m definitely going to answer the prompts between here and Instagram just just make things a little easier for myself should I not be able to work from my laptop. Luckily this Tuesday so far has been a lower pain day so I can answer this weeks prompt in the form of a long for post.

This week’s prompt is: “What do you think makes the perfect blend for Autumn / Fall?”. We thought this would be a perfect prompt for this week as autumn is well on it’s way now and we knew you would all either already be breaking into your favourite autumn teas / tea based blends or tisanes so your brains would be in full autumn mode or that you were looking for autumn blends to try this seasons.

Even though I knew this prompt was coming up as we decided on the prompts at the end of September I’ve not been able to pin down a concrete list of what I think makes the perfect fall tea or fall blend. I enjoy both pure teas and blends throughout autumn so to answer this prompt I thought I’d talk you though my favourite flavour profiles for autumn and why I think they fit the season so perfect.

First up are roasted teas; these are my favourite pure teas to turn to during this time of the year. They have that “roasty toasty” element to them but they are as heavy as the black teas that normally make up the bases of the flavoured teas / blended teas I tend to turn to around this time of the year. In terms of roasted teas my favourite is Hojicha, currently I’m sipping my way through a bag of dark roast Hojicha which I drink without anything else added into it. It’s a really nice hearty cup with any dryness and the astringency, that just instantly makes me feel cosy, relaxed and content. It has a natural sweetness and an almost caramel like note that I really just can not get enough of.

If you can find one I highly recommend giving a Genmaicha blend that uses Hojicha rather than a Sencha for its base. You double up on the roasted / toasted note and you get a nuttiness from the rice which pairs perfectly with the natural sweetness and caramel notes of the Hojicha. I also find that Roasted Kukicha is perfect for when I want something a little light to calm my tummy and stop me from being up all night. Heavily oxidised Oolong also falls into the category for me and I enjoyed doing Gongfu tasting session with this on chilly autumn morning or afternoons.

Next up we move on to the Pumpkin / Pumpkin Spiced blends something that I’m am also certain will be part of most people answer to this prompt but to me this flavour profile especially when actual pumpkin is also included is just quintessentially autumn to me. Recently I got to try Bird And Blend’s Spiced Pumpkin Pie for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it especially as a latte. My favourite pumpkin spice blends by far are the ones that actually include pumpkin because it works so well with the spices and just stops it from being a run of the mill spiced black tea. I’m not a fan of “pumpkin” spiced blends that don’t use pumpkin, I just miss those sweet, earthy notes of the pumpkin in the overall flavour profile and something just feel like it’s missing.

Of course spiced black tea is great and definitely something I drink a lot of around this time of the year but I love the extra layer of complexity the pumpkin adds into the mix. It sets the blends apart from all the other spiced black teas and just feels a bit more hearty. I normally have mine with honey (or brown sugar) and frothed milk so make a nice indulgent latte. (B&Bs spiced pumpkin pie doesn’t have pumpkin in it but does have carrot which does a good job of replicating the pumpkin flavours).

Lastly with have black tea based blends with both apple and spices in them. I know that sounds like a very specific set of blends but there’s just something about apple and spices together that work. My favourite blend with this flavour profile is Pumpkin Potion from The Magic Potions fandom sample set from Adagio. It doesn’t taste at all like pumpkin but what it does taste like it toffee / caramel apples and its absolutely delicious. The spices work perfect and don’t overpower the apple and I just can not get enough of it.

The overall flavour profile of blends like this remind me of bonfire night which is something that is celebrated every Nov 5th here in the UK and that’s what makes it perfect for autumn in my opinion. Again this is great both with and without milk and honey but is just a nice treat. The apple is what sets it apart from spiced black teas for me especially if that apple is prominent, juicy and naturally sweet. It’s perfect to walk through a forest or park that is covered in a vast array of beautifully colour crispy autumn leaves with.

So there you have it the three different flavour profiles I think are perfect for autumn. Let me know what you think makes the perfect blend for autumn I would love to see how our choices differ!

If you have any questions at either leave them in the comments or send them to me on Twitter/Instagram @teaisawishblog and I’ll answer them all as soon as I can.

Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley

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