Let’s Talk Tea | Adagio Tea – Magic Potions Sampler Set | Review

Hey there Teacups! I hope you week has gotten off to a good start. I started a new medication recently and sadly it’s definitely effecting me more than I thought it would so I think this week is going to end up being a bit of a wobbly one until I start to get used to it. I’m still going to try and work on blog stuff though and if a day passes and I’m not able to work on a long form post here, I’ll almost always do a post on Instagram instead so make sure you are following me over there (@teaisawishblog) to avoid missing any of my posts.

For today I’m back with another Lets Talk Tea Post and this time around I’m going to be reviewing Adagio Tea’s – Magic Potions Sampler Set that is currently available on the UK Adagio website. There is a version of this that on the US website as well but from what I can tell from looking through that version there are a few more blend in that particular collection..

Here’s what Adagio Tea themselves have to say about themselves have to say about this sample set over on their website: ”This tea is part of the Magic Potions sampler set which includes six community favourites packaged in spiffy metal tins. Perfect for displaying in your tea cupboard or for refilling as a tea transport vessel while on the go. Also makes a great gift for your Fandom and tea-loving special someone.”

This sample set includes: Pumpkin Potion, Butterbeer, Polyjuice, Felix Felicis, Draught O Peace, Veritaserum. Almost all of the blends in this set are black tea based aside from one which is a rooibos honeybush mixed base. I definitely would have loved to see a bit more variety from this sample pack but as a lover of black tea I wasn’t too displeased by most of the blends using it for their base.

Tea Tasting Notes

Pumpkin Potion – As you all know I love this blend and I’ve mentioned it many times before on my blog, not because it taste like pumpkin though or really overly pumpkin spiced but because it tastes pretty much exactly like caramel/toffee apples. Once I start drinking it I really can not stop. Even though it doesn’t really do what it says it’s going to on the tin it’s still delicious especially with honey and milk and I think anyone who tries this is bound to enjoy it. You can find my full review of this blend here.

Polyjuice – I am absolutely crazy for anything with coconut in it so when I saw that this blend not only contained coconut but also has a lot of the same ingredients in it as Thai Chai I knew I was going to love it. Thai Chai has always been my one of my top 5 blends from Adagio and this blend take that and blend and its coconutty, cinnamony, lemongrassy goodness and throws chocolate, vanilla and rooibos into the mix. I thought it may have been a bit too much of a cacophony of flavours but they all work pretty well together. It’s character almost seems to change a little with every sip and it’s a really fun blend to try. It’s creamy, spicy and sweet with a hit of citrus. Personally I prefer this blend iced with milk but it does work hot as well.

Veritaserum – This is essentially a chocolate covered raspberry blend which is something I’ve seen a lot of companies try and do recently but have as of yet managed to try one for myself. I wasn’t too sure what to expect as I would have thought a blend like this might be better with a lighter base but honestly it works. I’m not a huge fan of chocolate blends as you all know but this one only has hints of it and mostly they come through it in aftertaste and add a nice sweetness. The star of this show really is the raspberry and it pairs really well with the black tea and the subtle hazelnut.

Draught Of Peace – This tea really intrigued me because I don’t really tend to try many teas with apricot in them, not out of choice but mostly because it’s just not something you ever tend to see. It was as a result of that I wasn’t too sure what to expect from this blend aside from the fact that I know that apricot can be quite a subtle note and because of that I was a little bit worried that the black tea would overpower it a little bit. But luckily that wasn’t the case at all the apricot and the black tea work perfectly together and the hints of vanilla and crème add a lovely creaminess too it which of course it the perfect accompaniment to the apricot. It’s a really relaxing tea to drink and is delicious both hot and iced with and without milk.

Butterbeer – Before trying this Butterbeer blend I had only tried one other and I was not impressed at all by that one as I didn’t think it really live up to what it was promising but this was the complete opposite and absolutely delivers on everything it promises to and more. They may have created the Butterbeer flavour with natural flavourings (caramel, vanilla and crème) but it works and I’m not mad about it at all. It’s definitely best with milk and honey and is one to have if you are looking for a somewhat indulgent treat.

Felix Felicis – The odd one out of this set and the only one that doesn’t contain black tea. This is a really simple blend of rooibos almond, rooibos caramel and honeybush hazelnut and as simple as that sounds it’s really quite the treat. I’m not a huge fan of rooibos as you all know but it works in this blend with the addition of the honeybush, two different nutty notes and a caramel note to soften it and make it a little more enjoyable. Surprisingly I was able to enjoy this every way I tried it even on it’s own. but by far the best ways to have this it to brew it up really strong and have it as a latte.

The theming of this set was definitely lost of my as while I am aware of the Harry Potter universe I’m not a huge fan and never really have been but overall the teas were still very enjoyable and I didn’t feel like I enjoyed them any less because I wasn’t privy to references from the movies or books. So while yes I do think this would be the perfect gift for a Harry Potter fan I also do think that muggles would really enjoy it as well and it’s definitely worth trying out. Like I said earlier if you’re from the UK this is definitely one for the black tea fans but over on the US website you can put together your own magic potions box from the whole collection which includes a much wider variety of blends to choose from.

Overall Teacup Rating (for the whole set): 4.8/5

If you want to find out know about Adagio and purchase this set to try yourself, you can do that here (for the UK) and here (for the US). As always if you have any questions at all either stick them in the comments or send them to me on Twitter/ Instagram @teaisawishblog and I’ll answer them all as soon as I can.

Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley

*the tea set featured in this post was gifted to me for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and have not been paid for*

10 responses to “Let’s Talk Tea | Adagio Tea – Magic Potions Sampler Set | Review”

  1. I love apricots; I’m definately going to check out that tea. Thanks for checking to see if the brand is available in the USA.

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    1. Definitely worth trying if you love apricot! I think you’ll really enjoy it. I’ll always do my best to include as much info as possible

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      1. I found their website last night and ordered quite a few samples to try. You lead me to Tealyra and Plum Deluxe, so i knew that you wouldn’t steer me wrong with Adagio!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m so glad you’re enjoyed teas from brands I’ve introduced you too and I’ve not been the cause of any bad experiences! I really hope you enjoy trying out the world of adagio tea! They have so many too choose from and I’m sure you will love a lot of them. You can find a lot of adagio reviews here on my blog and if you ever have any questions you know where I am

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  2. I’m such a massive Harry Potter fan, but I’ve explored so few of the Harry Potter blends on Adagio. I did try the Pumpkin Potion because you were such a fan of it, and it definitely did not disappoint!

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    1. The pumpkin potion is really tasty! I’m so glad you enjoyed it


  3. These look delightful! The packaging are sooo cute.

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  4. The pack looks amazing! Thanks for sharing. And looking forward to much more blog.


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