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The Best Gifts For Tea Lovers This Holiday Season | Gift Guide

Hey there Teacups! December has finally arrived and holiday season is finally upon us so this year I decided back in October that I wanted to put together the ultimate small business tea lovers gift guide for the 2020 holiday season and share with you some business who are offering some fantastic tea-centric Christmas gifts this holiday season and also stock amazing tea products all year round. I’ve also included a few things I think are pieces every tea lover needs in their arsenal in terms of tea preparation. I hope this helps some of you find the perfect gift to either gift yourself or a tea loving loved one this holiday season.

Mystic Brews – Christmas Teas Gift Box (£19.95) | This loose leaf tea gift set contains: 1 x Seasonal Cranberry Apple – Fruit tisane (100g): Cranberry Apple is full flavoured and packed with fruity character and this Christmas loose leaf tea is one of the most versatile teas in our range. 1 x Winter Mulled Spice Tea – Black loose leaf tea (100g): The aromas that emanate from Winter Mulled Spice Tea truly gives you that Christmas feeling and is sure to bring a smile to even the biggest scrooge’s face. 1 x  – Christmas Marzipan Rooibos Tea – Rooibos tea (100g):  A deliciously soothing blend, this fabulous Christmas loose leaf tea is guaranteed to put a smile on your face even on the longest of winter”s night. 1 x In-cup loose leaf tea infuser.

I’ve tried all of these blends over the last two months and they are all fantastic! The Winter Mulled spice is absolutely christmas in a cup in aroma, taste and aesthetics with those cute christmas sprinkles in there. I like this one hot with either just honey added or as a latte, its delicious both ways but as it’s christmas I’ll probably treating myself to lots of festive lattes using this blend throughout December and January. The main ingredient in the cranberry blend is hibicus, and you all know my thought on hibicus but despite that I enjoyed this HOT! Yes I had to add in honey but still I enjoyed this hot and the fruitiness and lightness of this blend has been a nice break from all the heaviness of the usual christmas blends. I love marzipan blends so the Christmas Marzipan Rooibos is the perfect blend to wind down the chilly christmas night with; again it’s perfect as a latte or on it’s own and it also super aesthetically pleasing.

Ellie & Bros – Jolly Christmas Gift Box (£15)| Treat that special person with a gift of jolly goodness this festive season. Our Jolly Christmas Gift Box is curated with tea blends perfect to enjoy anytime during the holiday season. Makes a special gift for any tea time lover or someone new to tea. The Jolly Christmas Gift Box includes: 1 Tea Blend – 30g (select your preferred tea options on the website, they include Black forest, Devine Minty Choc, Mojito Raspberry, Sweet Orange Spice and Very Berry), Chocolate and a Bath bomb. Each Gift box is delivered beautifully wrapped. You can personalise your gift with a handwritten message on a gift tag. For the gift box that I was sent for this post I was actually able to blend my own tea which is another option Ellie & Bros offer on their website which separately from this would also make a fantastic gift for tea lovers and would definitely be worth checking out should you not want to buy the gift box this time around. For my tea I went for a chocolate orange flavour profile with a yunnan black tea base and it turned out perfectly. I’ll definitely do my best to try and review it once the craziness of Christmas is over. But back to this gift box, I definitely think this is a great gift for someone who needs a little treat and a little encouragement into the world of self care and relaxation, I definitely the love addition of a bath bomb alongside the usual tea and a treat.

Rose and Dragon Tea Subscription Box (£16.99/month including delivery) | (Next Shipment Early December) : The Rose & Dragon Tea Subscription Box is a relatively new tea subscription that was recently started and funded through Kickstarter. For £15 a month you receive 3 bags of tea around 25g (min) in each one, a follow-at-home tea meditation in every box and mindfulness tips with every tea. I tried out their November box previously to this December box and thoroughly enjoyed all of the blends in it (reviews coming soon). In the December box there are three variety blends including Fireside Spice, Cranberry Mimosa and Winter Wonderland. I’m yet to try any of these just yet as Christmas craziness = migraines have gotten in the way but as advent season is upon us now I’ll definitely crack into them and start trying them soon. The best thing about a subscription as a gift is that it’s a gift that keep on giving throughout the time frame you choose and there is no tea lover out there that will complain about delicious surprise teas coming through their door everything month.

Adagio Teas – Fandom Sampler Sets (£19 UK site) ($24 US Site)| As I’m sure you all know well enough by now I’m a huge fan of Adagio’s Teas & Tisanes. Over this year especially I’ve had the opportunity to try out a few of their fandom sampler boxers which usually contain 6 tins of tea which vary in terms of their base teas and some of them can also be tisanes. On the UK web site theres currently only a few fandoms to choose from but even though I’m not a huge fan of the actual fandoms I’ve still enjoyed trying out the teas and it’s a nice way to introduce yourself to a handful of Adagio Teas blends all at one. The great thing about the blends in these tins is that they are all created by mixing blends Adagio also have and ingredients they already stock together and I love the creative element behind it. Over on the US website there are many more choices in terms of fandoms so no matter your fandom loves there is definitely a tea set over there for you, and you can even create your own blends as well! The fact they come in their own box and the teas come in decorated tins makes them a perfect present and the tins can be used time and time again as well.

Umi Teas Sets- Ice Black Glass Tea Set (£80.33 Full Price | Currently On Sale £65.07 | Yes this is definitely on the higher end in terms of price for a christmas gift but I use this set or part of this set in some way shape or form pretty much in ever tea tasting session I do. It was very kindly gifted to me by Umi Tea Sets a while ago now and due to health stuff I’ve not had the chance to review it yet but I will be doing a long in depth review once I’ve used every element of it in the new year as there are still parts of it I haven’t got round to using believe it or not as it’s meant to serve 6 people and I am only one person. The quality of this tea set though is phenomenal and I adore it, even though it’s glass it doesn’t get hot to the touch, it’s thick but not overly thick that it feels too heavy and textured so that it doesn’t slip through your hands. If you know someone who adores brewing tea in traditional ways ie anything other than brewing teas western style then this would make a fantastic gift, It comes with a kyusu so it would be the perfect tea set for a tea lover who has a passion for japanese teas like I do.

Traditional Matcha Essentials (Chawan (bowl), Chasen (whisk), & Chashaku (scoop) | I do Matcha Monday almost every Monday here on my blog now and you all know my love for matcha runs deep and I also love the tradition behind it so I will always encourage people once they know they love matcha to invest in the traditional teaware to prepare it and to have that gifted would be an incredibly special present that could inspire them to find a new love in the new year and learn so much about matcha. I won’t link a specific site for these matcha essentials but I will recommend what I think you should gift should you decide you either want to buy a set/ but a set together. A Chawan (Matcha Bowl) and a Chasen Matcha Whisk are essential to traditional matcha preparation so they are a great place to start. Personally I got my Chawan from Yunomi (they also sell Chasens). and I will always recommend them from Phenomenal Japanese teaware and Tea so they are a great place to start but could be out of some people’s budgets I am aware, their are some much more affordable sets on websites like amazon (Yes I know Amazon aren’t the best morally and I all always recommend shopping small and independent but some people can’t always afford to) and things like that which are great for starters.

I’ve been luckily enough to work with so many amazing tea companies of all different sizes this year and had the chance to try out so many great tea products and honestly I could have kept this list going on and on and on and probably ended up included them all but it would have been thousands of words long and I’m sure you would all have got very bored reading it! I’ll do my best to shout out the stand out companies and products I haven’t mentioned in this post over on my Instagram before Christmas postage deadlines here in the UK arrive so make sure you are following me over there.

If you have anything suggestions you think should be added to this list leave links in the comments so I can take a look and other tea lovers reading this can find them too. As always if you have any questions about anything I’ve mentioned in this post stick them in the comments or send them to me on Twitter/ Instagram @teaisawishblog and I’ll answer them all as soon as I can.

Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley

*The products in this post (aside from the adagio gift set, the umi teas tea set, and all the matcha products ) were gifted to me for the purpose of this post. However I would not have included them if I did not love them and everything I have said about them is truthful. All opinions are my own and have not been paid for.*

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