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Tea Together Tuesday | My Tea Goals For 2021

Hey there Teacups! Tea Together Tuesday is finally back after a few weeks break and I’m so excited to jump back into doing this each week with the entire tea community joining in over multiple platforms!

For those of you who are new to my blog and were not following either me or Jann when we first started started Tea Together Tuesday let me tell you just a little bit about it before we get into today’s prompt. Tea Together Tuesday is something I set up with my friend and tea YouTuber Tea With Jann last April. We started it as a way to try and bring the tea community together while the world was going crazy and we were so surprised by just how much everyone loved it.

The way it work is at the start of each month Jann and I release a list of monthly prompts and then each Tuesday we all answer them together! You can answer them in absolutely any way that you want to answer them be that written in a blog post, in a YouTube video, on a Instagram post or story, a reel or a TikTok… The choice is yours. Just make sure that you tag it with #teatogethertuesday and tag Jann and I so we can see your post! You can always find the monthly list of prompts over on my Instagram @teaisawishblog but if you don’t have Instagram and you’d like me to share them here on my blog each month as well just let me know.

So the list above the the list of prompts for January! We share the prompts monthly to make sure that people who might want to prepare their content in advance have time to do so! We’ve found that this format works pretty well but we’re always welcome to feedback if you have any! For now though, let’s get into today’s prompt shall we…

So as you can see from the prompt list today’s prompt is what are your tea goals for 2021?

This year I set my set three main tea goal which are as follows:

– Be more creative with my tea photography both here on my blog and on my Instagram. I have a photography degree and I really should be putting that to more use.

– Drink what I own, continue with my tea buying ban and make the most of the tea that I already have. God knows I have enough of it and I really should be making the most of it while its all at its best.

– (health allowing) Try and do more gongfu sessions outside of blog tasting sessions with my gaiwan. If at all possible I’d love to be able to do some outdoors during spring or early summer when it’s not too hot.

This may seem like quite a short list but I really don’t want to spread myself too thin this year so I didn’t want to over do it and set myself too many goals, only to get to the end of the year and be disappointed if I haven’t achieved them! So, I think for now these three are enough, though the list may change if anything changes throughout the year.

What about you guys? What are your goals for 2021? Do you have a long list or a short list like mine. Will you be joining us for Tea Together Tuesday throughout the year? We have some really fun prompts planned and we can’t wait to see your answers!

To see more of the tea communities answers to this week’s prompt head over to my Instagram @teaisawishblog and make sure you follow @teawithjann as well. Both of us always try and share as many answers as we can health allowing but we always recommend checking #teatogethertuesday as well.

Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley

4 thoughts on “Tea Together Tuesday | My Tea Goals For 2021”

    1. I feel like I’ve made them manageable enough that I’ll definitely be able to achieve them all and I won’t be disappointed at the end of the year! Thank you for saying that about my photography means the world to know someone is enjoying itb


    1. I don’t tend to talk about to too much or put it to as much use as I should really! Thanks you for being so kind though. I do think changing up my style last year and getting my new background really opened me up to being so much more creative and enabled to show off what I can do a little more. Its definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made


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