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Tea Together Tuesday | Which Part Of The World Do I Own The Most Tea From?

Hey there Teacups! It’s time for another Tea Together Tuesday post, I have been mainly answering the prompts over on Instagram for the last few weeks as they were just easier to post about over there than in a full length blog post, but for this week the answer to this prompt is something I’m really passionate about so I wanted to make sure I devoted a full post to it. So what is this weeks Tea Together all about well this weeks prompt is ”What area of the world do you own the most tea from?” Jann very kindly let me pick the prompt for this week, and as a self confessed tea nerd I thought it would be interesting to hear more about everyone’s tea collections and find out whether or not you all have a clear favourite when it comes to teas from certain parts of the world or whether or not you prefer to have a much more varied selection instead. While I do have quite a varied collection due to the tea content I create, there is one area of the world that I definitely own and purchase the most tea from by far… JAPAN!

I’m 100% sure that the majority of you are probably not surprised by that at all as I’ve definitely mentioned in a lot of my post throughout the last few years that I prefer Japanese tea over everything else. That’s not to say that I don’t love other teas as well, but I will just always reach for a Japanese tea over everything else in my stash. My love for Japanese teas started a good few years ago now and I have two companies to thank for that, the first of course being Yunomi Tea. They were the first company to provide me with a place to access so many amazing Japanese teas from different farmers and areas across Japan and introduced me to so many teas I had never tried before and through them I have been able to learn so much and I am constantly learning more. They have been amazing to work with over the last few years and I cannot wait to see all of the projects we might get to work on in the future.

The other company I have to thank is Tomotcha. They are a tea subscription that focuses on showcasing the teas of Japan and I was lucky enough to get to collaborate with them quite early on in my tea blogging career. Through them, I’ve been able to try some fantastic teas over the 6 times we have worked together, some of which I had never even heard of before. If like me you love Japanese tea and you are interested in trying some phenomenal teas, I highly recommend them. I’ll definitely be subscribing when I have sipped down a lot of the tea stash I currently have.

Here’s just a quick snap shot of some of the amazing Japanese teas I have in my collection:

That’s definitely not even all of them, but I don’t think I would have been able to fit everything into one photo. I am very thankful for my blog and the content I create that has allowed me to try so many different teas and work with amazing companies that were generous enough to gift me a large portion of the teas shown in that photo. Though it’s not all gifted teas, I did purchase at least half and given the chance I am looking forward to hopefully being able to purchase more in the future, but as you can see I definitely need to work on sipping down a lot of what I already have (and I also have some pretty important things to save for, so I’ll be making the most of what I have for now – unless I have store credit I can’t spend elsewhere).

If you’re interested in my reviews of the Tomotcha teas I have tried, simply type their name into the search bar at the bottom of my blog and you’ll quickly be able to find all of the content I have posted that features them. The same goes for Yunomi, I have done so many posts featuring them here on my blog to link them all, but you’ll be able to find each and every one of them through that search bar from the very start of my blog to now.

What I will quickly take the time to do though is to mention the recommendation I share with everyone who asks me what they should try from Yunomi when ordering for the first time. This include this Sakura Sencha, this Matcha (which is my absolute favourite right now), this Japanese pumpkin flavoured Hojicha, this Hojicha based Genmaicha blend, this Yuzu flavoured Matcha and this Sakura flavoured Matcha. There really is just something about Japanese tea that I love that really sets it apart from other teas from everywhere else in the world and I really enjoy exploring everything Japan has to offer. I will explain more about all of that in some upcoming content later in the year though.

The post above was posted by West China Tea over on Instagram – click the image to see the original

Enough about me and me tea though, while I have you all here I want to take a moment to talk about something really important with you all and I want to address the rise in hate crimes against Asians and Asian Americans recently and share with you some websites that cover every aspects of how you can help fight against this and support the effected communities. I of course stand in solidarity with the victims of the horrific hate crimes that have been happening at such a higher percentage since this pandemic started and will do as much as I can to be an ally and lend my voice to the people who have given the world so many beautiful gifts, including pretty much all of the tea you and I drink on a daily basis among a whole world of other things. If you love tea then you need to make sure you are doing the same and showing the people who come from the countries that gave you all of the traditions you love and have spent time learning about.

Senseless murders and horrific violent hate crimes have been committed and so many things need to change, but unless we all come together to help fight for that change, it will never come. This link will take you to a page titled Anti – Asian Violence Resources page that I have found to be incredibly useful and will direct you to many places where you can educate yourself on everything that is going on right now and learn about you can help.

This link will take you to an article by the Strategist which list 68 different ways you can donate in support of Asian communities and I find this to be the best source out there right now allowing fo so many organizations and memorial funds to be collated in one place. I have been able to learn a lot from these two sources and I definitely recommend taking the time to look through each one and of course share them with you communities.

If you have any questions about any of the teas / tea companies mentioned in this post or you want to talk about the other subjects mentioned in this post send any questions to me over on Instagram @teaisawishblog or my email, and I’ll answer them all as soon as I can. Remember to let me know your answer to todays prompt in the comments and send me in the direction of any Tea Together Tuesday content have created.

Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley

2 thoughts on “Tea Together Tuesday | Which Part Of The World Do I Own The Most Tea From?”

  1. Lovely post. I love Japanese teas too as you know. I don’t have so many in my stash right now though. Will check out those brands soon!
    I also want to thank you for mentioning the resources to help those affected by senseless violence. I myself want to do more to amplify those voices too. We can all do more to help, even if just a little bit.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should deffinelty check out the brands I mentioned if you love Japanese teas i have no doubt that you’ll adore Yunomi. If you want any recommendations just let me know.


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