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Welcome to my Blog! I’m on a mission to show the world that tea is far more than just a beverage. I started learning about tea many moons ago and even though I am myself still learning, I love to help others learn about tea and show them just how vast the world of tea truly is. So, if you’ve always wanted to learn more about tea then you are in the perfect place. Grab your cup and let’s explore the world of tea together.

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  • Sakura Sessions – Chasandai: Sakura Sencha with Sugared Sakura Leaves

    Sakura Sessions – Chasandai: Sakura Sencha with Sugared Sakura Leaves

    I couldn’t let sakura season pass without talking about Chasandai: Sakura Sencha with Sugared Sakura Leaves 桜煎茶 – A blend of sencha, sugared sakura (Japanese Cherry Blossom) leaves and dried Sakura blossom petals from Chasandai’s tea factory in Shimane Prefecture Japan, that inspired me to put together the sakura sessions series for this years sakura…

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  • What is Kuromame?(Black Soybean ”Tea”)

    What is Kuromame?(Black Soybean ”Tea”)

    Back in December of 2022 I made my own Japanese tea advent calendar that included both caffeinated traditional options and caffeine free tisanes, as I’ve been aiming to explore the world of Japanese tisanes and thought there was no better way to do that than including them in my advent calendar. One of those tisanes…

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  • Tasting Sessions – Amethyst Gaba Oolong (Mei Leaf)

    Tasting Sessions – Amethyst Gaba Oolong (Mei Leaf)

    I’m sure that it will come as no shock to any of you that I’m writing a tasting sessions post for yet another tea from Mei Leaf. I didn’t plan on this when I last ordered a bunch of samples as I had no idea what to expect from what I had ordered. I had…

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