Let’s Talk Tea | Wudong Tea – Yu Lan Xiang | Review

Hey there Teacups! it’s time again for another Let’s Talk Tea post this time around I’m reviewing another tea from Wudong Tea. You’ll recognise their name from a Let’s Talk Tea I did last month in which I reviewed their Da Wu Ye – 2017 Dancong Spring Oolong  (you can read that post – here)

WuDong Tea’s Yu Lan Xiang is an oolong with a delicious magnolia aroma. It’s from the Fenghuang mountain around 800 meters above sea level. As it’s picked from an older line of trees that are around 60 years old it’s not butter at all and has a pale yellow colour to it. Yu Lan Xiang (Magnolia Aroma) belongs to the orchid aroma category. Although it belogs in the orchid aroma category it’s aroma and taste are quite different from Da Wu Ye.

Tea Tree Age: More than 60 years old.

Origin: Fenghuang mountain Chaozhou, Guangdong province

Harvest Time: Winter 2017

Tea Master: Song Lin

Picking Standard : Two – Three half-matured Tea leaves


Dry Leaves


Aroma: Floral, Magnolia, Sweet, Honey, Natural, Fresh

Shape: Large – Slightly Twisted Leaves

Colour: Light & Dark Green – Little Bits Of Brown



Wet Leaves


Aroma: Floral (Magnolia) , Fresh, Slightly Vegtal, Honey, Fresh

Shape: Large & Long Full Leaves

Colour: Light & Dark Green | Slight hints of red on some leaves




After trying and loving Wudong Teas Da Wu Ye last month I definitely went into trying this oolong with some expectations. Considering its also from the orchid family I was expecting them to be quite similar but I oh boy was I wrong. This tea is so naturally sweet and it’s floral notes are incredibly strong. It’s lingering honey note is a taste I don’t think I’ll ever forget. I didn’t get any bitterness or astringency from this at all and from the first sip I was hooked.  I brew this in my gaiwan and managed to do 10 steeps with it – I will say that the only downside to it is that it’s very one note flavour profile wise and stayed the same throughout all of the steeps. (That’s not a bad thing though as it flavour / aroma profile it does have is absolutely amazing) The taste of this oolong shines through wonderfully,  and has a distinctive flavour and bright personality. It is very time sensitive while steeping though I would definitely flash steep this (I rinsed mine once and then flash steep from there – starting t 10sec (which I did twice) and then added 10 seconds with each steep.)

Overall Teacup Rating: 5/5

You can find out more about Wudong Tea and purchase this tea for yourself here. As always if you have any questions at all either stick them in the comments or send them to me on twitter (@teaisawishblog) and I’ll answer them as soon as I can.

Speak to you all on Monday. Happy Steeping – Kimberley


9 responses to “Let’s Talk Tea | Wudong Tea – Yu Lan Xiang | Review”

  1. Charlie Nailed It Avatar
    Charlie Nailed It

    Interesting post! I’m so boring when it comes to tea haha English breakfast it is for me!

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    1. There are so many amazing teas out there! I highly recommend t2 if you’re an English breakfast fan they have so many variation of it (there new York one taste like pancakes)


  2. I love trying new teas! I think it’s so exciting to discover a new and relaxing flavor. Great review, this sounds lovely…anything that’s baturally sweet is a win for me. Thanks for sharing! ☺️💕☕️

    xx Lena | https://lenadeexo.com

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  3. Loved this post it was really interesting, I really enjoy Oolong tea and love trying new adventurous ones, this one sounds amazing and your review was brilliant! X


    1. Aww thank you! I’m always so excited to find other tea Living bloggers 💖

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  4. I’m always in the mood for tea. Sad? tea Happy? tea Tired? tea 😀 Definitely giving these tea’s a go and will look into them more. Surprised I haven’t been following your blog sooner!! x

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    1. Yaaay I’m always so happy to find other tea loving bloggers 💖


  5. This sounds so goo! I love Oolong teas!

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  6. […] posts features Wudong Tea and you want to check them out before you read this, you can find them here. So far I’ve loved all of the teas I’ve tried from Wudong so I went into trying this […]

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