Let’s Talk Tea – Jolly Brew Teas – London Calling | Review

Hey there Teacups! I can’t believe that we’re almost at the end of July now the year is going by far to fast. I’m back today with another Let’s Talk Tea post and this time around I’m going to be reviewing Jolly Brew Teas – London Calling blend. London Calling is an Earl Grey blend with a little bit of a twist and when the box of teas they sent arrived and I saw this in it I knew it had to be the one I tried and told you all about first.37241395_1841932245863798_91389667038986240_n.jpg

Dry Leaves

Malty – Floral (Jasmine) – Bergamot – Citrus (Lemon) – Sweet (Honey)

Ingredients: Black Tea, Green Tea, Cornflower Petals, Jasmine Petals & Natural Flavours37249618_1841932192530470_2709066599230341120_n.jpgThe dry leaves of this blend have all the classic Earl Grey notes, but the strong floral notes provided by the jasmine & cornflower petals and the ever so slight vegetal note provided by the green tea are a unique twist and mouth-watering aroma. The aroma of this tea is that good that If there was anyone out there who could bottle it I would wear it as a perfume for the rest of my life (no kidding), I knew before I even opened the sachet this tea was in that I was going to love it because their has never been an Earl Grey I haven’t tried/smelt that I haven’t instantly loved. As you all know I’ve tried quite a few blends recently with jasmine in them, but I’ve never had a blend with both black tea and jasmine in it, so I was intrigued to see if it would pair as well with the black tea as it would the green tea.37331060_1841932119197144_635384001342734336_n.jpg


Tea Tasting Notes

It’s not often I come across blend that manage to almost completely replicate their aromas in their flavour profile elements from the aroma normally mellow out in the taste but that was not the case at all with this blend. All my favourite aspects from the aroma were just as strong and all stood their own ground I was expecting the black tea to overpower the delicate vegetal and floral notes from the aroma but instead it almost amplified them and rather than overpower they simply came together perfectly and honestly that took me by surprise.

I love the way that black and green teas work together and I blend them at home a lot but one thing I never would have thought to do was to pair black tea with jasmine. Because black tea can be strong and robust I would have expected it to cancel out the jasmine (though that can be overpowering to if too much is used) but after trying this I actually think that jasmine pairs much better with black tea than it does green tea and I’ll definitely be looking for more blends that use that combo again.37256950_1841932122530477_2394561726285611008_n.jpgThis is a well-balanced blend that will not last long in this house I give it maybe 1 week before I have none of this left. Mouthfeel wise it is a little bit dry, but I find that, that is the case for blend that have bergamot or jasmine in them and this one has both, so it really was to be expected. It isn’t a very naturally sweet blend so if you enjoy your tea sweet I would suggest adding a little bit of honey or agave to it (it was sweet enough for me without it, but everyone is different). Even though I know jasmine gives me BAD heartburn I couldn’t help but enjoy this blend it was worth getting bad heartburn for.

Overall Teacup Rating: 4.5/5

If you want to find out more about Jolly Brew Tea Co and purchase this delicious blend for yourself, you can do both here. As always Teacups if you have any questions at all either stick them in the comments or send them to me on Twitter/Instagram @teaisawishblog and I’ll answer them as soon as I can.

Speak to you all soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley

3 responses to “Let’s Talk Tea – Jolly Brew Teas – London Calling | Review”

  1. I love both Earl Grey, and blends with Jasmine. One of my favourite teas, although it’s no longer available where I bought it, was a Jasmine Oolong, it makes me sad that I can no longer get it.


    1. Fox Tea Club do an amazing jasmine oolong!!

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      1. Thanks! I’ll check them out.

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